Flower Trials 2018

As of Tuesday June 12th, HilverdaKooij opens her doors for the Flower Trials. Next to the complete potplant assortment, HilverdaKooij will also show her cut flowers.

Within the potplants show focus is on Flow®, a beautiful evenly growing pot carnation series with enormous double flowers. Next to Flow®, also Indian Summer en Kaylee are put under the spotlights. Indian Summer is reknown for its beautiful colour contrasts between freshly coloured flowers and dark green leaves. Kaylee is HilverdaKooij's new scent concept, a pot carnation with pretty flowers and a lovely scent.
Apart from these fine series, you can obviously enjoy our entire new 2018-2019 assortment as well, from the nicely coloured Echinacea to the 'artful' Dahlia.

On Thursday June 14th at 16.00, there is the Floral Jam in cooperation with Flower Factor. Pim van de Akker will challenge several florists and designed to join in a jam session.