Visit us at the Flower Trials!

This year HilverdaKooij will once again be presenting three different series of pot plants in addition to our familiar range of pot plants.

REBEL is a cheerful, saucy, brightly coloured dahlia that loves sunshine. It is an attractive decorative dahlia with firm stems and flowers with flat petals and a few petals rolled up in the middle. REBEL can be quickly and easily grown in pots of 12 cm and upwards

Flow® is a line of pot carnations that all have the same growing behaviour, enabling you to grow flowers of different colours in the same way. Flow produces attractive, well-filled plants with lavish, full flowers that can be grown in pots of 12 cm and upwards.

Hana Hana® is an extraordinary pot carnation. Planted in a garden, Hana Hana will create a beautiful carpet of tiny pink flowers in a few years’ time. Hana Hana can be grown in pots of 9 cm and upwards.

All in all, definitely worthwhile!

And if you should happen to be at the Green Tech and would like to visit HilverdaKooij, you can do so via the flower tour. Choose the colour RED when booking your reservation. The all-inclusive tour, accompanied by a hostess, will bring you to HilverdaKooij’s house show. You can also book your tour directly at,