Green Trick® celebrates its tenth anniversary

Green Trick® is still a real eye-catcher with its conspicuous bright green spherical flowerheads – without proper petals. This freak of nature was discovered in a bed of Sweet Williams (Dianthus barbatus). HilverdaKooij was one of the few to appreciate the extraordinary flower’s potential and included Green Trick in its Sparkz® series. Of all the remarkable Dianthus varieties in this series, Green Trick is currently the most successful.

Bright green
“The bright green colour combined with the long vase life make Green Trick an ideal flower for bouquets,” is how HilverdaKooij’s Co Overduin explains its success. “That fresh colour really looks good with anything, and the round flowers give Green Trick an unusual look. It stands out without being too dominant.”

Steady growth
It soon became clear that traders greatly appreciate Green Trick. “We have observed a steady growth of sales from the very beginning. Sales figures are still increasing today, and traders are willing to pay a good price for the flowers. This, along with the high production, ensures good profits for our customers,” says Co Overduin.

More green flowers
Green Trick is now a permanent item in the range of cut flowers. “We may now safely conclude that Green Trick is here to stay,” says Co Overduin. “The range of green flowers will grow in the future. The past few years it has already been expanded with several new variants such as Green Wicky® and Green Magma®, but for the time being Green Trick is still the number-one variety.”

Facts & figures
In 2015 Dutch supplies to the FloraHolland auction increased 20 percent, to 17.6 million flowers. Including imports this means that the milestone of 20 million flowers was exceeded. Source: Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij.