Awards for three carnation HilverdaKooij

‘Light Pink Tessino’ was the best of the spray carnations

Last Saturday a growers’ meeting was held at the Keukenhof. In the last week of the Keukenhof show at the Oranje Nassau pavillion over 120 different cut flower varieties were shown including many beautiful carnation varieties. All these varieties were judged by a jury.

According to the jury the Spray Carnation ‘Light Pink Tessino’ of nursery ACM Kester was the best of the spray carnations. ‘Thalia’ (standard pink carnation) from grower de Nijs in Belgium was honoured with the novelty award. But according to the jury, a vase of mixed Solomio of nursery Nieuwland was really the eyecatcher. The visitors also liked the vase of Solomio's as well, as it was photographed very often.

Unfortunately you can not see these varieties anymore, because the Keukenhof is now closed. Next year from 24th March 2016, the Keukenhof will open again.