This event has expired: 04-06-2014 / 14-06-2014

FlowerTrials® at HilverdaKooij, what can you expect?

HilverdaKooij introduces Begonia Be*Adore during the FlowerTrials. The surprising growing power and overwhelming flowering characterize this new Begonia series. The fresh color range  (red, pink-red, orange, salmon, and bicolor salmon-white) intensifies the energetic appearance of this garden plant, which further noted for  the deep green leaf.  

Catch a movie?

Even that is possible during the FlowerTrails, as each Begonia Be*Adore is labeled with an interactive QR-code. Once scanned with the Layar-app on your mobile telephone, you will enter into the wonderful world of Be*Adore. A scintillating movie demonstrates how a small cutting with lust for life grows into a beautiful garden plant. One immediately gets a taste for the summer!

What else is there to see?

Next to the Be*Adore introduction, there are many more special new series worth exploring! HilverdaKooij has a new series Beauties including all special pot carnations, distinctive in color and flower shape. But also the blue-purple colored Inticancha Indigo is a notable new arrival. And we haven’t mentioned yet some 35 experimentals that we will be demonstrating during the show.

Please do not hesitate and come see all our new varieties in HilverdaKooij’s new house show.

We are open June 10 to 13, from 08:00 to 17:00 hours.