Many prices for HilverdaKooij varieties at Keukenhof

During the past few weeks a lot of flowers have been on display at the Oranje Nassau Pavilion of Keukenhof including many varieties developed by HilverdaKooij: entries made by HilverdaKooij itself or by their growers have been awarded.


The entry of Moselle by grower Henri Valstar has been awarded the professional prize for the carnation of the year 2014. The jury said it was the most beautiful standard carnation on display thanks to its fully opening and uniform flower.
Solomio attracted the attention of the jury. They were impressed by the special flower shape and it was awarded an honorable mention . Solomio is one of the special eye-catching carnations of the Sparkz series of HilverdaKooij.


K 003 has won the prize for most beautiful Limonium at the summer flower show. The beautiful maturity and full inflorescence were decisive . That the process of developing new limonium varieties is in full swing was reflected in the numbers K008 , a pink variety and the apricot K 013 of HilverdaKooij .


Bali had already won the Alstroemeria Award 2014 as Alstroemeria Hawaiian Dream won the grower’s price. The entry of Alstroemeria Rome also introduced by HilverdaKooij won the consumer prize! The visitors of the Alstroemeria show choose Rome as the most beautiful flower of the show.